AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-03-01Fix checksummarco44
2020-03-01Fix checksummarco44
2020-01-07Increase epoch... Version naming is weirdMarc Cousin
2020-01-07Bum to 0.9.2Marc Cousin
2019-11-20Bump to beta2Marc Cousin
2019-06-15Remove pgmodeler, pgmodeler-cli. Install in /usr/binmarco44
2019-06-13Bump to 0.9.2-betaMarc Cousin
2018-12-22Bump to 0.9.2-alpha1Marc Cousin
2018-08-20Bump to 0.9.2-alphamarco44
2018-05-14Bump to 0.9.1marco44
2018-04-06Bump versionmarco44
2018-03-25Change urlmarco44
2018-01-27Bump to 0.9.1-betamarco44
2017-12-17add duct tape around what seems to be a bug in uicmarco44
2017-09-02Bump to 0.9.0marco44
2017-07-06forgot the srcinfomarco44
2017-05-18Bump to 0.9.0-bet1Marc Cousin
2017-04-09bump to 0.9.0-betamarco44
2017-02-14Bump to 0.9.0-alpha1Marc Cousin
2016-12-13correct connect-timeout until done upstreamMarc Cousin
2016-11-15PKGBUILD:36 need to be patch -p1 < ../patch_no_check_update.diffMarc Cousin
2016-10-19Bump to 0.9-alphamarco44
2016-06-15bump the epoch. it seems that the new version is seen as lowest...marco44
2016-06-15Bump to 0.8.2marco44
2016-06-01removed post-install hook. it was obsoletemarco44
2016-04-02bump to 0.8.2-beta1marco44
2016-01-15New version. I added a patch to default to 'do not verify new version at star...marco44
2015-12-08update to alpha1marco44
2015-11-23Update the srcinfomarco44
2015-11-04update to 8.4.2-alphamarco44
2015-08-10New upstream releasemarco44
2015-07-01bump versionmarco44
2015-07-01Remove environment variables modifications in /usr/bin/pgmodelermarco44
2015-07-01Upgrade to 0.8.1_beta1, remove useless /opt/pgmodeler and create the plugin d...marco44
2015-06-15Initial importmarco44