AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-23Bump version to 2.6.3.Brad Ackerman
2018-12-06Bump to 2.6.2.Brad Ackerman
2018-09-23Update to 2.6.1.Brad Ackerman
2018-03-22Updated maintainer info.Brad Ackerman
2018-03-22Updated .SRCINFO.Brad Ackerman
2018-03-22Update to 2.6.0.Brad Ackerman
2017-01-04upstream release of 2.3.1 and using src tarSaultDon
2016-12-05upstream release to 2.3.0SaultDon
2016-08-092.2.3-2, switched to git source, (master - current release)SaultDon
2016-08-092.2.3-1 updated to current releaseSaultDon
2015-11-30Update to 2.1.0-1SaultDon
2015-07-02Initial importSaultDon