AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-11Bumped version and clarified upgrade warning. Now validates signature.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-02-19Bumped version (2.16.0) and added deprecation notice.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-08-02Bumped version to 2.14.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-02-17Removed phar.ini for PHP7 compat, bumped pkgrel.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-02-16Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton
2015-09-20Bump to version 2.12.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2015-08-18Dumped PEAR version of Phing. We're now using the PHAR version provided by ph...Benjamin A. Shelton
2015-06-25Initial commit.Benjamin A. Shelton