AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-26BumpMarc Cousin
2019-04-08BumpMarc Cousin
2019-03-09Bump to 7.3.3Marc Cousin
2019-02-10bump and stop overwriting php.iniMarc Cousin
2019-02-06BumpMarc Cousin
2019-01-14bumpMarc Cousin
2018-12-12Fix pkg descMarc Cousin
2018-12-12Fix silly typoMarc Cousin
2018-12-12Fix package for 7.3Marc Cousin
2018-12-12Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Cousin
2018-12-12Add new keyMarc Cousin
2018-12-12Add new keyMarc Cousin
2018-12-12bump to 7.3.0Marc Cousin
2018-12-08Bump to 7.2.13Marc Cousin
2018-10-10Bump versionMarc Cousin
2018-10-06bump PHP versionMarc Cousin
2018-07-20BumpMarc Cousin
2018-07-09Bump to 7.2.7Marc Cousin
2018-05-29New checksumsmarco44
2018-05-29Regenerate srcinfo from scratchmarco44
2018-05-29still more fixes about pkgbasemarco44
2018-05-29Fix pkgbase (remove it)marco44
2018-05-29First fixes, why package all PHP, instead of only the one package we wantmarco44
2018-05-29First versionmarco44