AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-12Rebuilding for PHP 7.4.Spencer Rinehart
2018-12-14Update .SRCINFO.Spencer Rinehart
2018-12-14update to v2.2.0Marcel Pfeiffer
2017-01-05Fix md5sum.Spencer Rinehart
2017-01-04Upgrade to 2.1.3 and switch to https.Spencer Rinehart
2016-04-20Update to oci8 extension version 2.1.1.Spencer Rinehart
2016-04-08Require PHP 7.0.0 for building.Spencer Rinehart
2016-01-29Update LICENSE dates.Spencer Rinehart
2016-01-05Update to 2.1.0. This builds properly for PHP 7.Spencer Rinehart
2015-09-26Use full link to license for docker hub.Spencer Rinehart
2015-08-17Add licensing information to README.Spencer Rinehart
2015-08-09Update license dates.Spencer Rinehart
2015-06-22Update fig to docker compose.Spencer Rinehart
2015-06-10Initial commit with docker builld.Spencer Rinehart