AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-25upgrade to 8.3.4Максим Новиков
2024-02-09upgrade to php 8.3.2Максим Новиков
2024-02-09upgrade to php v8.2.14 and oci8 3.3.0Максим Новиков
2021-06-11php v8.0.7Максим Новиков
2020-04-21update to php 7.4.5 and oci8 2.2.0Maxim Novikov
2019-12-12Update to PHP 7.4.0Maxim Novikov
2019-07-16Update to PHP 7.3.7Maxim Novikov
2018-09-05Change config - ignore versionMaxim Novikov
2018-09-04Update to 7.2.9Maxim Novikov
2017-01-19initNovikov Maxim