AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-13Update to latest commitStefan Auditor
2016-04-05Add issue reporting statementStefan Auditor
2016-02-26Add version constraint for compatibility hintingStefan Auditor
2016-02-26Remove old install fileStefan Auditor
2016-02-26Refactor and update to official PECL repositoryStefan Auditor
2015-03-19replace empty md5sums with sha512sumsyar
2015-03-19add/fix/update maintainer fieldsyar
2014-01-15php-ssh-git: bump for PHP 5.5.8yar
2013-12-17php-ssh-git: fetch from my mirror for now, because it's less brokenyar
2013-12-16php-ssh-git: link to check for new commitsyar
2013-12-16php-ssh-git: move dir from php-sshyar