AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-10switch to more secure checksumsThore Boedecker
2017-05-10remove unnecessary check() return wrapperThore Boedecker
2017-05-09improve check()Thore Boedecker
2017-05-09improve check() interaction fixThore Boedecker
2017-05-09improve pkgbuild quality, add check()Thore Boedecker
2016-10-26update to apcu 4.0.11Thore Boedecker
2016-01-15bump pkgrel, add provides and show hint on installThore Boedecker
2016-01-14use new php56 locationsThore Boedecker
2016-01-12Initial commit including a working PKGBUILDThore Boedecker