AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysupgpkg: php73 7.3.18-1Matt Harrison
2020-05-06add a provides php flag.Matt Harrison
2020-04-20upgpkg: php73 7.3.17-1Matt Harrison
2020-03-23upgpkg: php73 7.3.16-1Matt Harrison
2020-03-08upgpkg: php73 7.3.15-1Matt Harrison
2020-01-24upgpkg: php73 7.3.14-1Matt Harrison
2019-12-31fix apache config fileMatt Harrison
2019-12-30upgpkg: php73 7.3.13-2Matt Harrison
2019-12-24upgpkg: php73 7.3.13-1Matt Harrison
2019-12-24Isolate php7.3 so it can be installed along side the php packageMatt Harrison
2019-12-23Initial upload: php 7.3.12-1Matt Harrison