AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-27Minor fixesEugene Lamskoy
2023-11-23libxml patch appliedEugene Lamskoy
2023-07-13Added CFLAGSEugene Lamskoy
2023-02-21Version bumpEugene Lamskoy
2023-01-11Db 5.3 makedepEugene Lamskoy
2023-01-117.4.33-2 Fixed issue with DB4, switched to openssl-1.1Eugene Lamskoy
2022-11-05Fixed issue with openssl 3 buildEugene Lamskoy
2022-11-057.4.33Eugene Lamskoy
2022-09-297.4.32Eugene Lamskoy
2022-07-267.4.30Eugene Lamskoy
2022-04-147.4.29-1Eugene Lamskoy
2022-02-187.4.28Eugene Lamskoy
2022-02-01DependenciesEugene Lamskoy
2022-02-01Killed failing tests and sendmail checkEugene Lamskoy
2022-01-27Sendmail detectionEugene Lamskoy
2022-01-25Added maintainer thanksEugene Lamskoy
2022-01-25new version of PKGBUILDEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-17Updated to 7.4.27Tomasz Gruszka
2021-11-18Updated to 7.4.26Tomasz Gruszka
2021-10-23Updated to 7.4.25Tomasz Gruszka
2021-09-24Updated to 7.4.24Tomasz Gruszka
2021-09-23Added patch to build PHP 7.4 with gd-2.3.3Tomasz Gruszka
2021-08-27Updated to 7.4.23Tomasz Gruszka
2021-07-30Updated to 7.4.22Tomasz Gruszka
2021-07-02Updated to 7.4.21Tomasz Gruszka
2021-06-03Updated to 7.4.20Tomasz Gruszka
2021-05-06Updated to 7.4.19Tomasz Gruszka
2021-04-30Updated to 7.4.18Tomasz Gruszka
2021-03-04Updated to 7.4.16Tomasz Gruszka
2021-02-06Updated to 7.4.15.Tomasz Gruszka
2021-01-31Initial commitTomasz Gruszka