AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-23Update to upstream version 5.0.0Stefan Auditor
2017-11-21Update to upstream version 4.0.1Stefan Auditor
2017-06-19Increase pkgrelStefan Auditor
2017-06-19Update file checksumsStefan Auditor
2017-06-19Update to upstream version 4.0.0Stefan Auditor
2016-04-27Update to upstream version 3.0.1Stefan Auditor
2016-04-05Add issue reporting statementStefan Auditor
2016-01-13Update to upstream release 3.0.0Stefan Auditor
2016-01-04Adjust package to follow PHP 7 packaging changesStefan Auditor
2015-10-23Update to upstream release 2.1.5Stefan Auditor
2015-08-10Downgrade pkgrelStefan Auditor
2015-08-10Upstream release 2.1.4Stefan Auditor
2015-07-21Switch file checksums to sha512Stefan Auditor
2015-07-21Update code styleStefan Auditor
2015-07-20Add install hookStefan Auditor
2015-07-20Make license version awareStefan Auditor
2015-07-20Update pgkrelStefan Auditor
2015-07-20Update licensing information"Stefan Auditor
2015-07-16Add contributor infoStefan Auditor
2015-07-16Initial commitStefan Auditor