AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-19old github link not working anymoremax.bra
2019-02-18v. 4.2.2max.bra
2019-02-11wpad vulnerabilitymax.bra
2019-02-05version patch updatedmax.bra
2019-02-03v. 4.2.1max.bra
2019-02-03v. 4.2max.bra
2018-12-21Update to 4.1.1-1graysky
2018-12-11diff-patch migrationmax.bra
2018-12-09Update to 4.1-2graysky
2018-12-09Update to 4.1-1graysky
2018-09-22webui regex errormax.bra
2018-09-18lighttpd errormax.bra
2018-08-27new ftl service name. dnsmasq parameter upstream aligned.max.bra
2018-08-27on nobody migration againmax.bra
2018-08-26version bumpmax.bra
2018-08-26nobody permission migrationmax.bra
2018-08-26dnsmasq cleanupmax.bra
2018-08-24dnsmasq config file for first installationmax.bra
2018-08-24service managementmax.bra
2018-08-24core and web v. 4.0max.bra
2018-04-06core v. 3.3.1max.bra
2018-02-16dnsmasq log queries extra for ftlmax.bra
2018-02-16core and webui v.3.3max.bra
2018-02-10debug restored with unavailability message 2max.bra
2018-02-10debug restored with unavailability messagemax.bra missing setupmax.bra
2018-01-24log flushing like upstreammax.bra
2017-12-31rollback to 3.2.1max.bra
2017-12-26core v. 3.3max.bra
2017-12-23v. 3.2.1max.bra
2017-12-11removed old file, againmax.bra
2017-12-11removed old filemax.bra
2017-12-11recursive errormax.bra
2017-12-11issue 1806 and pihole etc dir ownershipmax.bra
2017-12-11core v. 3.2 - web v. 3.2max.bra
2017-12-03dep addedmax.bra
2017-11-13caps mismatchmax.bra
2017-11-02more nginx configmax.bra
2017-10-30fix nginx redirect but lighttpd is still brokengraysky
2017-10-13issue 1598 pre 3.2 - more nginx configmax.bra
2017-10-09removed lighttpd open_basedir, aligned nginx conf to lighttpd onemax.bra
2017-10-05open_basedir updatemax.bra
2017-07-24revert to timer in 3.1.4-1graysky
2017-07-23run logrotate on startup then once dailygraysky
2017-07-23run logrotate on startup then once dailygraysky
2017-07-18core ver. 3.1.4max@rage
2017-07-11enable package timers correctlygraysky
2017-07-05remove empty directorygraysky
2017-07-05remove configuration since wiki is so good now :)graysky