AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-18Update to 9.0Anish Bhatt
2022-12-21Update to 8.2Anish Bhatt
2021-12-15Bump to 7.2, fix source urlsAnish Bhatt
2021-11-22Match versions with dump1090-fa-gitAnish Bhatt
2021-11-22update to 6.1Anish Bhatt
2019-09-22update to 3.7.2Anish Bhatt
2019-04-23Fix tcl ver dependencyAnish Bhatt
2019-04-19update to 3.7.0Anish Bhatt
2018-08-30fix bugAnish Bhatt
2018-08-30Add net-tools as an optional dep, update to 3.6.2Anish Bhatt
2018-04-20cleaner varsAnish Bhatt
2017-11-24Update to 3.5.3Anish Bhatt
2017-08-12Bump for service file updatesAnish Bhatt
2017-05-25Update with tls requirementAnish Bhatt
2017-01-24update piaware-git to 3.3.0Anish Bhatt
2016-12-04Update to 3.2Anish Bhatt
2016-10-18Update piaware-git to 3.1.0.r0.g5d1c566Anish Bhatt
2016-09-05Update piaware-git to 3.0.5.r0.g525ca1eAnish Bhatt
2016-08-02Update piaware-git to 3.0.2.r0.g1fd4d71Anish Bhatt
2016-08-02Add piaware user and default config fileAnish Bhatt
2016-08-01Update piaware-git to 3.0.2.r0.g1fd4d7fAnish Bhatt
2016-01-15Update piaware-git to 2.1.5Anish Bhatt
2015-10-11Update piaware to 2.1.3Anish Bhatt
2015-09-24Update piaware-git to 2.1.2.r21Anish Bhatt
2015-08-09Change piaware dependency from -git to generic tcllauncher/mlat-clientAnish Bhatt
2015-08-09Update piaware-git to use new faup1090 location, separate tcllauncher & mlat-...Anish Bhatt
2015-07-17Cleanup piaware-git PKGBUILDAnish Bhatt
2015-07-16Enable mlat support in piawareAnish Bhatt
2015-07-16Update piaware-git to 2.1.2.r1, apply suggestions from dschaperAnish Bhatt
2015-07-09Make package dependent on dump1090-fa-git instead of dump1090-faAnish Bhatt
2015-07-09Update piaware-git to 2.1.2.r0.g5a453da, make it dependent on dump1090-faAnish Bhatt
2015-06-22Update piaware-git to 2.0.5Anish Bhatt
2015-06-10Update piaware to 2.0.3Anish Bhatt
2015-05-01Remove piaware patches that got committed upstreamAnish Bhatt
2015-04-26Fix systemd unit file permissionsAnish Bhatt
2015-04-24Fix system unit file locationsAnish Bhatt
2015-04-24Add piaware-git packageAnish Bhatt