AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-03Make pkgver() use same indentation as rest of codeFrederik “Freso” S. Olesen
2024-04-03Add x86_64_v3 to $arch arrayFrederik “Freso” S. Olesen
2024-04-03Add maintainer lineFrederik “Freso” S. Olesen
2024-04-03Synchronise with Arch Linux picard packageFrederik “Freso” S. Olesen
2024-01-25upgpkg: 2.11-1David Runge
2023-10-13upgpkg: 2.10-1David Runge
2023-09-15upgpkg: 2.9.2-1David Runge
2023-08-20upgpkg: 2.9.1-1David Runge
2023-07-27upgpkg: 2.9-1David Runge
2023-07-27Use alphabetically sorted bash arrays with one entry per line for better hand...David Runge
2023-04-08rebuild with python 3.11Felix Yan
2022-12-06Upgrade to 2.8.5.David Runge
2022-11-25Upgrade to 2.8.4.David Runge
2022-08-23Upgrade to 2.8.3.David Runge
2022-07-09Upgrade to 2.8.2.David Runge
2022-06-07Upgrade to 2.8.1.David Runge
2022-01-13Upgrade to 2.7.3.David Runge
2022-01-11Upgarde to 2.7.2.David Runge
2021-12-25Upgrade to 2.7.1.David Runge
2021-12-16Upgrade to 2.7.David Runge
2021-12-15Rebuild for reproducibility.David Runge
2021-12-03Python 3.10 rebuildFelix Yan
2021-10-08Upgrade to 2.6.4.David Runge
2021-06-07Upgrade to 2.6.3.David Runge
2021-04-30Upgarde to 2.6.2.David Runge
2021-04-15Upgrade to 2.6.1.David Runge
2021-04-01Upgrade to 2.6.David Runge
2021-02-21Add python-dateutil to $dependsFrederik “Freso” S. Olesen
2021-02-19Add python-fasteners to $dependsFrederik “Freso” S. Olesen
2021-01-06Upgrade to 2.5.6.David Runge
2020-12-17Upgrade to 2.5.5.David Runge
2020-12-16Upgrade to 2.5.4.David Runge
2020-11-17Rebuild against python 3.9.0.David Runge
2020-11-17Upgrade to 2.5.2.David Runge
2020-11-12Python 3.9 rebuildFelix Yan
2020-10-28Upgrade to 2.5.1.David Runge
2020-10-22Upgrade to 2.5.David Runge
2020-09-04Upgrade to 2.4.4.David Runge
2020-09-02Upgrade to 2.4.2.David Runge
2020-08-30rebuild bisson's pkgsEvangelos Foutras
2020-08-11actual upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2020-08-11upstream update, fix FS#67554Gaetan Bisson
2020-08-11upstream update; commit not signed :'(Gaetan Bisson
2020-06-20Add python-markdown as an optdepWieland Hoffmann
2020-05-07upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2020-02-28upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2020-02-18upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2019-11-07rebuild for python-3.8Gaetan Bisson
2019-11-07upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2019-11-04Python 3.8 rebuildFelix Yan