AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-06Update pidgin-light to v2.14.1funilrys
2018-03-18Update pidgin-light to v2.13.0funilrys
2017-08-09Update .SRCINFOfunilrys
2017-08-09Merge + Introduction of Ian Chou to contributorsfunilrys
2017-06-28Update pidgin-light to v2.12.0funilrys
2016-11-14Fix makedepNissar Chababy
2016-10-13Fix problemfunilrys
2016-10-06Update to v2.11.0funilrys
2015-04-28bump pidginYaron de Leeuw
2014-11-02bumping pidgin-lightYaron de Leeuw
2014-11-02changed maintainer infoYaron de Leeuw
2014-02-03bumped pidgin-light to 2.10.9-1Yaron de Leeuw
2014-01-28updated pidgin to 2.10.8 , changing from python2 to python3Yaron de Leeuw