AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-09Remove pince-non-stop-files from the installationJakob L. Kreuze
2017-10-18Fix regex for changing gdb pathjakob
2017-08-22Added pygdbmi dependency.jakob
2017-07-17Explicitly invoke the python3 binaryjakob
2017-07-15Script now uses sudo.jakob
2017-05-22Depend on more stable version of distorm.jakob
2017-04-24Fixed issue where PINCE attempts to read several metadata files, and updated ...jakob
2017-03-27Updated dependenciesjakob
2017-03-26Added python-distorm as a dependencyjakob
2017-01-04Replaced sed command to use the '-i' flag.jakob
2016-12-12Added PyQt5 dependency.jakob
2016-12-12Fixed symlinkjakob
2016-12-12Initial commit.jakob