AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-08Bump versionMarkus Hartung
2022-12-28Updated dependencies, especially to libratbag-git as we now need the version 2Markus Hartung
2022-08-18Added gtk-update-icon-cache and desktop-file-utils as makedependsMarkus Hartung
2022-04-24New maintainer and added appstream as makedependsMarkus Hartung
2020-07-13add hicolor-icon-theme to dependsFabian Piribauer
2020-07-13add flake8 as make dependencyFabian Piribauer
2019-07-30add git to makedependsFabian Piribauer
2018-11-04remove install script the same way [community] doesFabian Piribauer
2018-11-04Update maintainerFabian Piribauer
2018-05-18Add pkgver and use pkgname variableFreggar
2017-11-30Initial versionFreggar