AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysadd glib2-devel to makedependsnate
2024-02-24add gst-plugin-gtk optional dep for videonate
2023-11-28remove exiv 0.28 patchnate
2023-10-03add yelp optional depnate
2023-07-11add exiv 0.28 patchnate
2023-06-05port build to mesonnate
2022-05-23Remove libopenraw build dependencynate
2022-01-16remove gconf dependencynate
2019-08-01update email, remove post installnate
2017-12-10Add arm 7 supported archnate
2017-06-09update optdepends dcrawion201
2017-05-05Update depsnate
2016-12-13Updated depsnate
2016-08-25Initial commit pix-gitnate