AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate to version 0.11.4; change URL of export templates to GitHubTércio Martins
2023-11-02Remove variable "conflicts" from PKGBUILDTércio Martins
2023-11-02Update to version 0.11.3Tércio Martins
2023-09-01Update to version 0.11.2Tércio Martins
2023-06-15Update to version 0.11Tércio Martins
2022-10-13Update to version 0.10.3Tércio Martins
2022-09-16Update to version 0.10.2Tércio Martins
2022-07-31Update to version 0.10.1Tércio Martins
2022-05-22Update to version 0.10Tércio Martins
2022-02-01Update to version 0.9.2Tércio Martins
2021-09-27Update to version 0.9Tércio Martins
2021-06-28Update to version 0.8.3Tércio Martins
2021-02-08Added make dependency (xorg-server-xvfb) for Godot not to display the window ...Tércio Martins
2020-12-17Minor adjustments in PKGBUILDTércio Martins
2020-12-17Update to version 0.8.2; minor adjustments in PKGBUILDTércio Martins
2020-10-17Update to version 0.8.1Tércio Martins
2020-09-26Removing unnecessary commands in the "package" functionTércio Martins
2020-09-26Update upstream URLTércio Martins
2020-09-25Initial package uploadTércio Martins