AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-13upgpkg: pkgtop 2.5.1-2Orhun Parmaksız
2023-10-13(no commit message)Orhun Parmaksız
2022-10-16upgpkg: pkgtop 2.4.1-1Orhun Parmaksız
2020-11-25upgpkg: pkgtop 2.4-1orhun
2020-10-07upgpkg: pkgtop 2.4-1orhun
2020-09-18upgpkg: pkgtop 2.4-1orhun
2020-07-23Update pkgtop to upstream releaseJoost Bremmer
2019-11-03Fix runtime/cgo error with go-pieJoost Bremmer
2019-11-02Update package to latest releaseJoost Bremmer
2019-10-21Use go-pie package as golang dependencyJoost Bremmer
2019-09-30Add git as makedependJoost Bremmer
2019-09-21update checksumJoost Bremmer
2019-09-14update pkg to latest upstream releaseJoost Bremmer
2019-09-11Update pkg to upstream version 1.9Joost Bremmer
2019-09-06Upstream release: version 1.8Joost Bremmer
2019-09-02Someone forgot to update their SRCINFO 😓Joost Bremmer
2019-09-02Allow makepkg to work outside of $GOPATHJoost Bremmer
2019-09-01Contain go modules in $srcdirJoost Bremmer
2019-09-01Upstream release: 1.5Joost Bremmer
2019-08-31Create stable PKGBUILD starting from v1.3Joost Bremmer
2019-08-31Release new version r340KeyLo99
2019-08-31Release new version r339KeyLo99
2019-08-31Release new version r337KeyLo99
2019-08-29Release new version r332KeyLo99
2019-08-28Release new version r320KeyLo99
2019-08-28Release new version & add .gitignoreKeyLo99
2019-08-27Add pkgver function back for the submittion rulesKeyLo99
2019-08-27Remove pkgver() function and release v1.0.0KeyLo99
2019-08-27Fix version and make dependenciesKeyLo99
2019-08-27Release the first version (1.0.0)KeyLo99