AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-28Update package info.Kevin Kaland
2019-07-26Release version: 3.45.0Frédéric Potvin
2019-07-15Release version: 3.44.0Frédéric Potvin
2019-06-25Release version: 3.43.1Frédéric Potvin
2019-06-13Release version: 3.42.1Frédéric Potvin
2019-06-13Release version: 3.42.0Frédéric Potvin
2019-06-03Release version: 3.41.1Frédéric Potvin
2019-05-16Release version: 3.40.15Frédéric Potvin
2019-04-19Release version: 3.40.13Frédéric Potvin
2019-04-16Release version: 3.40.12Frédéric Potvin
2019-04-10Forgot to update the release numberFrédéric Potvin
2019-04-10Removing PHP Box dependency as it's installed via composerFrédéric Potvin
2019-04-10Using --yes in build instead of bash hacksFrédéric Potvin
2019-04-10Fix an issue with composer installFrédéric Potvin
2019-04-10Updating the release versionFrédéric Potvin
2019-04-10Building using the new box setupFrédéric Potvin
2019-04-10Release version: 3.40.11Frédéric Potvin
2018-09-17Release version: 3.34.3Frédéric Potvin
2018-09-07Release version: 3.34.2Frédéric Potvin
2018-07-23Release version: 3.34.1Frédéric Potvin
2018-07-20Release version: 3.34.0Frédéric Potvin
2018-07-10Release version: 3.33.6Frédéric Potvin
2018-03-05Release version:Frédéric Potvin
2018-02-14Release version:Frédéric Potvin
2018-02-07Release version:Frédéric Potvin
2018-01-02Release version:Frédéric Potvin
2017-12-21Release version:Frédéric Potvin
2017-12-15Release version:Frédéric Potvin
2017-12-15Release version:Frédéric Potvin
2017-12-11Release version: 3.24.1Frédéric Potvin
2017-12-06Release v3.24.0Frédéric Potvin
2017-12-01Fix: build create wrongly named config dirFrédéric Potvin
2017-12-01Updated AUR release versionFrédéric Potvin
2017-12-01Updated build dependenciesFrédéric Potvin
2017-12-01Updated the package version to the current releaseFrédéric Potvin
2017-12-01Updated the package to the current URL repoFrédéric Potvin
2016-08-02Initial commit with working package.James An