AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-16Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2020-01-15Updated PKGBUILDFelix Golatofski
2018-12-10Patch by Kristóf MarussyBumsik Kim
2018-10-16Updated .SRCINFOBumsik Kim
2018-10-16Updated to r2087.a75aee42Bumsik Kim
2017-09-19WIP logic for handling javafx detectMichael DeGuzis
2017-09-17transparent java ver/pkg pickup during build/runtimeMichael DeGuzis
2017-06-19workaround for those defaulted to java 7Michael DeGuzis
2017-05-21add javafx to run depsMichael DeGuzis
2017-02-25ensure pkg lib dir is 755 recursiveprofessorkaos64
2017-02-07update build, a few fixesprofessorkaos64
2017-02-06fix incorrect path to logoprofessorkaos64
2017-01-18update some commentsprofessorkaos64
2017-01-16fix up conditional per Det's suggestionprofessorkaos64
2017-01-16fix up var syntax, java_home implementationprofessorkaos64
2017-01-15try to appease those using openjdk and oraclejdkprofessorkaos64
2017-01-15fix logic for build JAVA_HOME, prefer openjdkprofessorkaos64
2017-01-14restore logic for java home openjdk/jdkprofessorkaos64
2017-01-14add back java home for users still on java 7, remove gradle makedep, not neededprofessorkaos64
2017-01-14setting java home is not needed for buildprofessorkaos64
2017-01-14fix extra JAVA_HOME, script java verprofessorkaos64
2017-01-03add runtime depprofessorkaos64
2017-01-02fix some tabs in PKGBUILDprofessorkaos64
2017-01-02fix some tabs in PKGBUILDprofessorkaos64
2017-01-02some fixes suggested by Detprofessorkaos64
2016-12-26add some comments to launch scriptprofessorkaos64
2016-12-26fix build with launcher, build() sectionprofessorkaos64
2016-12-26use java env in depsprofessorkaos64
2016-12-25correct small build errorsprofessorkaos64
2016-12-21fix rev version, whoopsprofessorkaos64
2016-12-21add missing hashbang to scriptprofessorkaos64
2016-11-19fix iconprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18fix desktop shortcutprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18fix launcherprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18rework launch scriptprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18wrong varprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18update epochprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18clean up varsprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18fix path to launcherprofessorkaos64
2016-11-18update amd fix buildprofessorkaos64
2016-02-26Update SRCINFONick Shvelidze
2016-02-26Update PKGBUILD by DetNick Shvelidze
2015-11-13PlayOnLinux 5Nick Shvelidze
2015-10-04Add gitignore and version bumpJustin Dray
2015-05-28Cleaned up organization for arch packages in prep for aur4Justin Dray