AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-02Update to 2.33.1Daniel Egeberg
2019-04-20Update to 2.32.0Daniel Egeberg
2019-04-03Update to 2.31.0Daniel Egeberg
2019-03-27Update to 2.30.1Daniel Egeberg
2019-03-10Update to 2.29.1Daniel Egeberg
2019-02-21Update to 2.28.0Daniel Egeberg
2019-02-05Update to 2.27.0Daniel Egeberg
2019-01-28Update to 2.26.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-12-15Update to 2.24.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-12-06Update to 2.23.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-11-03Update to 2.21.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-10-13Update to 2.20.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-09-30Update to 2.19.1Daniel Egeberg
2018-09-14Update to 2.18.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-09-05Update desktop entryDaniel Egeberg
2018-08-26Use PMP specific packages for qt5Daniel Egeberg
2018-08-26Update to 2.17.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-07-11Update to 2.14.1Daniel Egeberg
2018-06-28Update to 2.13.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-06-21Update to 2.12.1Daniel Egeberg
2018-05-30Update to 2.11.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-05-07Fix sha512sumsDaniel Egeberg
2018-05-07Update to 2.10.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-04-19Update to 2.9.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-04-10Update to 2.8.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-03-25Update to 2.7.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-03-13Update to 2.6.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-02-24Update to 2.5.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-02-08Update to 2.4.1Daniel Egeberg
2018-02-07Update to 2.4.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-01-24Update to 2.3.0Daniel Egeberg
2018-01-03Make sure it builds in a clean dirDaniel Egeberg
2018-01-03Add workaround for broken buildDaniel Egeberg
2018-01-03Forgot SRCINFODaniel Egeberg
2018-01-03Update to v2.2.1.758-5dad2d62Daniel Egeberg
2017-12-13Retab fileDaniel Egeberg
2017-09-28Update to 2.1.1Daniel Egeberg
2017-08-01Update to 1.3.5Daniel Egeberg
2017-06-16Update to 1.3.4Daniel Egeberg
2017-06-12Update to 1.3.3Daniel Egeberg
2017-05-27Update to 1.3.2Daniel Egeberg
2017-05-19Update to 1.3.1Daniel Egeberg
2017-05-08Update .gitignoreDaniel Egeberg
2017-05-08Update to 1.3.0Daniel Egeberg
2017-04-09Update to 1.2.5Daniel Egeberg
2017-03-30Update to 1.2.4Daniel Egeberg
2017-03-18Update to 1.2.3Daniel Egeberg
2016-12-31Add armv7hDaniel Egeberg
2016-12-23Update to 1.2.2Daniel Egeberg
2016-12-08Add protobuf as dependencyDaniel Egeberg