AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysFix desktop patchJeff Henson
2020-01-21Fix desktop patchJeff Henson
2020-01-12Patch destop file for new qt locationJeff Henson
2020-01-12Depend on QT 5.9.5 packagesJeff Henson
2020-01-04Remove extra desktop entryJeff Henson
2020-01-01Fix patch checksumJeff Henson
2020-01-01Fix patchJeff Henson
2019-12-25Update patch to @Yardanico's versionJeff Henson
2019-12-23Add hack for qt 5.14Jeff Henson
2019-12-23Use upstream desktop fileJeff Henson
2019-05-16Update to match non-git package more closelyJeff Henson
2019-01-22Update git ignoreJeff Henson
2018-09-23Bump pkgrelJeff Henson
2018-09-23Update src infoJeff Henson
2018-09-23Use system qt5 since it now worksJeff Henson
2018-09-08Update desktop fileJeff Henson
2018-09-03Bump pkg verJeff Henson
2018-09-03Adjust desktop file for alt qt5 packagesJeff Henson
2018-09-02Remove unused opt-dependJeff Henson
2018-09-02Fix qt rootJeff Henson
2018-08-31Use the qt5-pmp depsJeff Henson
2018-08-31Remove service fileJeff Henson
2018-08-14Bump pkgrelJeff Henson
2018-08-14Change vt7 to vt1Jeff Henson
2018-08-09Add -DLINUX_X11POWER=on to cmake commandJeff Henson
2018-08-08Remove qt5 version restrictionJeff Henson
2018-07-17Initial commitJeff Henson