AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysUpdate to v1.18.0.1944.Donald Webster
10 daysUpdate to v1.18.0.1913.Donald Webster
10 daysStop stripping and keep staticlibs.Donald Webster
2019-10-01Update to v1.17.0.1841.Donald Webster
2019-09-24Update to v1.17.0.1709.Donald Webster
2019-09-16Update to v1.16.6.1592.Donald Webster
2019-09-13Add /var/log/plex link to tmfiles.Donald Webster
2019-08-26Update to v1.16.5.1554.Donald Webster
2019-08-19Update to v1.16.5.1488.Donald Webster
2019-08-13Update to v1.16.4.1469.Donald Webster
2019-07-24Update to v1.16.3.1402.Donald Webster
2019-07-18Update to v1.16.2.1321.Donald Webster
2019-07-15Update to v1.16.2.1297.Donald Webster
2019-07-01Update to v1.16.1.1291.Donald Webster
2019-06-22Update pkgdesc.Donald Webster
2019-06-17Update to v1.16.0.1226.Donald Webster
2019-06-11Update to Webster
2019-05-23Update to v1.15.6.1079.Donald Webster
2019-05-08Update to v1.15.4.994.Donald Webster
2019-04-24Update to v1.15.4.993.Donald Webster
2019-04-05Update to v1.15.3.876.Donald Webster
2019-04-04Update to v1.15.3.858.Donald Webster
2019-03-21Update to v1.15.2.793.Donald Webster
2019-03-21Oops, forgot to update the service file.Donald Webster
2019-03-20This isn't plexpass version.Donald Webster
2019-03-20Dont conflict w/ itself.Donald Webster
2019-03-20Switch to plexpass version of package.Donald Webster
2019-03-20Fixed LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be /opt/plexmediaserver/libTom Moore
2019-03-19.Tom Moore
2019-03-19Removed /lib from LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Caused core dumpsTom Moore
2019-03-19.Tom Moore
2019-03-19Removed /usr/lib from LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Was causing coredump for some reasonTom Moore
2019-03-18Added /lib to end of LD_LIBRARY_PATHTom Moore
2019-03-18Added depends for libva and libdrm.Tom Moore
2019-03-17Version bump. Updated changed download dir. Replace i386 build with i686 (3...Tom Moore
2018-12-18Version bumpTom Moore
2018-11-27Version bumpTom Moore
2018-11-01Version bumpTom Moore
2018-09-24Version bumpTom Moore
2018-08-23Version bumpTom Moore
2018-08-02Version bumpTom Moore
2018-07-19Version bumpTom Moore
2018-07-16Version bumpTom Moore
2018-06-09Version bumpTom Moore
2018-06-08Version bumpTom Moore
2018-05-08Version bumpTom Moore
2018-04-19Version bumpTom Moore
2018-04-10Version bumpTom Moore
2018-03-23Version bumpTom Moore
2018-03-07Version bumpTom Moore