AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-14add missing `qt5-svg` dependencyBenoit Pierre
2018-11-11update .SRCINFO...Benoit Pierre
2018-11-11no need to patch out the PyQt5 dependency anymoreBenoit Pierre
2018-06-12update to 4.0.0.dev8++Benoit Pierre
2018-02-28fix conflicts directiveBenoit Pierre
2018-02-28update to 4.0.0.dev7Benoit Pierre
2017-12-16update to 4.0.0.dev6++Benoit Pierre
2017-03-08switch to Python 3, now that `python-hidapi` is availableBenoit Pierre
2017-02-07fix licenseBenoit Pierre
2017-02-07fix generated UI files creationBenoit Pierre
2017-02-07add git to makedepends...Benoit Pierre
2016-11-01fix flaky generated UI files creationBenoit Pierre
2016-11-01update to 4.0.0.dev0++Benoit Pierre
2016-05-12add python2-notify dependencyBenoit Pierre
2016-05-12fix version...Benoit Pierre
2016-05-12fix pkgver()Benoit Pierre
2016-05-02update description and homepageBenoit Pierre
2016-05-01initial importBenoit Pierre