AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-25update dependenciesKonstantin Unruh
2021-08-18replace old non-funcitonal pluma-plugins with official pluma-pluginsKonstantin Unruh
2017-12-04cleanupsKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2017-05-01add pkgdesc to pkgbuildKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2017-04-30updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2015-09-21Fix url from previosly used (github with 404) to mate projectKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-09-21Fix source locationKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-09-21Option -j should be set in makepkg.confKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-07-02moving files, making space for additional scripts, aur4 and other stuffKrzysztof (3ED) AS