AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-01RM compile options recommended by upstreamSebastian Lau
2019-03-01UPD .SRCINFOSebastian Lau
2019-03-01correction on optdependsSebastian Lau
2019-03-01ADD description for optdependsSebastian Lau
2019-03-01ADD xf86-video-fbdev to optdependsSebastian Lau
2019-03-01ADD .SRCINFOSebastian Lau
2019-03-01UPDSebastian Lau
2018-11-06UPD to v0.9.4Sebastian Lau
2018-08-24ADD patch sysmacros from upstreamSebastian Lau
2018-05-19ADD to plymouth.encrypt_installSebastian Lau
2017-09-21Address problem with pidfile under systemdSebastian Lau
2017-09-06Alter plymouth.encrypt_hook to use resolved deviceSebastian Lau
2017-08-17UPD to v0.9.3Sebastian Lau
2017-08-17PATCH custom themes in folder on bootSebastian Lau
2017-08-16PATCH some custom themes on bootSebastian Lau
2017-06-30ADD sd-plymouth.initcpio_install systemd hook for initrdSebastian Lau
2016-10-12PATCH sddm-plymouth.serviceSebastian Lau
2016-09-17ADD sddm-plymouth.serviceSebastian Lau
2016-09-17ADD missing filesSebastian Lau
2016-09-17ADD plymouth-deactivate.service as suggestedSebastian Lau
2016-05-07Trigger rebuild with new pango systemd and gccnullptr_t
2015-12-04Remove useless patchgS644
2015-11-26Add plymouth-start.path unit to wait for graphic devicesgS644
2015-11-25Add service files to initcpiogS644
2015-10-24Remove workaround for lightdm again (does not work)gS644
2015-10-23Add workaround for lightdmgS644
2015-06-16Fix slim-plymouth.servicegS644
2015-06-09Initial importgS644