AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-17update to incorporate patch for new mkinitcpioTaijian
2024-02-26add another upstream tweakTaijian
2024-01-31match some upstream changesTaijian
2024-01-16fix typoTaijian
2024-01-16fix typoTaijian
2024-01-16mirror recent changes to extra/plymouthTaijian
2023-12-30partial re-sync with /extra/plymouthTaijian
2023-12-29incorporate some sanity checks from upstreamTaijian
2023-12-05cosmetic cleanupTaijian
2023-12-04fix stupid brain fartTaijian
2023-12-04update to new upstream font codeTaijian
2023-06-19add in some fixesTaijian
2023-04-22fix wrong install path for logo file for spinner themeTaijian
2023-04-05add /dev/pts back to the initcpio_install, fix some issues with graphical pas...Taijian
2023-03-30update to reflect changes to plymouth package with the move to /communityTaijian
2022-11-27update dependencies to latest upstreamTaijian
2022-11-25change initcpio creation variables to localTaijian
2022-11-14change build system to mesonTaijian
2022-11-14restore scripts for dracutTaijian
2022-10-23fix quoting of font path namesTaijian
2022-10-18update for new label pluginTaijian
2022-09-04fix font dependencies for initramfs generationTaijian
2022-07-19replace --with-runtimedir with --runstatedir in configureTaijian
2022-01-31incorporate patch by cthulhaire wrt already decrypted root deviceTaijian
2022-01-11clean up some old files and update to new versioning schemeTaijian
2021-12-13remove deprecated softlink for gdm-plymouth.serviceTaijian
2021-06-29stupid, stupid trailing zero bug...Taijian
2021-06-28add some options to plymouth.encrypt_hook suggested by bdeshiTaijian
2021-05-08fix potential fontconfig issue in initcpio generationTaijian
2021-04-29fix for an oversight from incorporating the latest upstream commitsTaijian
2021-04-21test first, commit after....Taijian
2021-04-21weird pkgver issue, still no idea where that came from...Taijian
2021-04-16some fixes with the latest upstream patchesTaijian
2021-02-22also update .SRCINFO....Taijian
2021-02-22updated patch to accomodate upstream change to plymouth-start.serviceTaijian
2020-08-23also fix SDDM - don't try to be too smart for my own good...Taijian
2020-08-22fix errors with lightdm and sddm - sorry, I screwed up!Taijian
2020-08-20use upstream DM service files for DMs that support plymouth ootb - non-breaki...Taijian
2020-08-09more bug fixes...Taijian
2020-08-09fix some bugs related to missing fonts & properly deal with image_dir mismatchesTaijian
2020-07-08remove intltool from makedepends as it is no longer neededTaijian
2020-03-23remove hotfix again, it is now part of upstreamTaijian
2020-03-11maybe update .SRCINFO as well, while we're at it...Taijian
2020-03-11attempted hotfix for the issues caused by changes in systemd 245Taijian
2019-10-14update optdepends and add Cantarell fonts to encrypt_installTaijian
2019-10-13incorporate new build option with-runtimedirTaijian
2019-06-01fix hooks for BGRT theme - thanks to Depau!Taijian
2019-04-24update urls to https and point to gitlab as sourceTaijian
2019-04-23add intltool to makedependsTaijian
2019-01-12RM obsolete patchSebastian Lau