AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysadd manpagesCassandra Watergate
2022-08-20change maintainer email addresssaltedcoffii
2022-05-21make file and sig one lineCassandra Watergate
2022-05-20use https for sourcesCassandra Watergate
2022-05-17add me (saltedcoffii) to contributor and maintainer linesCassandra Watergate
2022-05-17Updates package to 1.10svalo
2021-06-12Updates package to 1.9svalo
2019-01-27Updates package to 1.8svalo
2018-08-15Updates package to 1.7svalo
2017-07-18Updates package and adopts oneup's suggestionsvalo
2016-08-03First commit, adds working PKGBUILDsvalo