AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-18Update from the upstreamDanil Semelenov
2015-12-02Update from the upstreamDanil Semelenov
2015-11-30Update from the upstreamDanil Semelenov
2015-11-30Update the package descriptionDanil Semelenov
2015-11-17Fix the pmenu-run md5sumDanil Semelenov
2015-11-14Update to the upstream v0.3.0Danil Semelenov
2015-11-08Change the upstream URLsDanil Semelenov
2015-11-04Update to the upstream v0.2.5Danil Semelenov
2015-10-16Update versionDanil Semelenov
2015-09-28Update versionDanil Semelenov
2015-09-22Change descriptionDanil Semelenov
2015-09-22Update versionDanil Semelenov
2015-09-15Update versionDanil Semelenov
2015-09-14Convert to building from static version instead of git, update version numberDanil Semelenov
2015-09-09Initial importDanil Semelenov