AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-16source path changeFabian Bornschein
2018-07-15split out the data to my git repo, replace echo with printf, restructure some...fabish
2018-04-29new upstream releaseTids
2018-02-18new upstream releaseTids
2018-01-30new upstream releaseTids
2018-01-03New upstream releaseTids
2017-10-25HALLOWEEN UPDATE ^,..,^Tids
2017-08-26new upstream versionTids
2017-07-07new upstream releaseTids
2017-05-04upstream update, + set -screen-fullscreen 0 to workaround a bug: https://poke...Tids
2017-04-16some more cleanups; little *.svg changes; sorry for this update :(Tids
2017-04-16upstream update; switch to https for all sources; a little cleanup; happy eas...Tids
2017-03-30switch from md5 to sha256 sumsTids
2017-01-23switch to -force-glcore for better GL supportTids
2017-01-23smaller cleanup + new upstream versionTids
2016-12-01X-MAS updateTids
2016-10-31new upstream releaseTids
2016-09-21New Upstream ReleaseTids
2016-08-19new upstream releaseTids
2016-08-06New Upstream VersionTids
2016-07-24new upstream versionTids
2016-06-14install script addedTids
2016-06-13new upstream releaseTids
2016-05-09Workaround the broken DDL ++ new PRO versionTids
2016-03-27switch from pokemon-revolution-online to *-bin ; we only use the binary versi...Tids