AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-02Lenny said noKaydax
2023-08-01Use MAKEFLAGS env var instead of -jKaydax
2023-07-31Make cmake use all coresKaydax
2023-07-31Make cmake use all coresKaydax
2023-02-21PolyMC 5.1 releaseLenny McLennington
2023-02-04PolyMC 5.0 ReleaseKaydax
2022-11-12update to 1.4.3, minor cleanupT.J. Townsend
2022-10-01upgpkg: polymc 1.4.2-2Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-09-08upgpkg: polymc 1.4.2-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-07-28upgpkg: polymc 1.4.1-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-07-23upgpkg: polymc 1.4.0-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-06-12upgpkg: polymc 1.3.2-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-05-29upgpkg: polymc 1.3.1-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-05-23upgpkg: polymc 1.3.0-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-05-08upgpkg: polymc 1.2.2-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2022-04-221.2.1Lenny McLennington
2022-04-22Update to 1.2.0, use vendored tarball, fix dependenciesdada513
2022-04-191.2.0Lenny McLennington
2022-03-301.1.1Lenny McLennington
2022-03-12Change conflicts and executable nameLenny McLennington
2022-03-12Fix buildLenny McLennington
2022-03-12update .SRCINFOYellow
2022-03-03fix install commandLenny McLennington
2022-02-27PolyMC: Make build systems other than Make workFreakness109
2022-02-03set tag based on pkgverJenkins CI
2022-01-271.0.6Lenny McLennington