AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-11Updating latest version pomello 0.10.16Romel Pinilla
2021-01-26Updating latest version pomello 0.10.15Romel Pinilla
2020-06-16Updating latest version pomello 0.10.14Romel Pinilla
2020-06-09srcinfo changeRomel Pinilla
2020-06-09Updating latest version pomello 0.10.13Romel Pinilla
2020-02-20Updating latest version pomello 0.10.12Romel Pinilla
2019-07-13Updating latest version pomello 0.10.7Romel Pinilla
2018-10-02force srcinfo changeLuigi Guevara
2018-10-02Correcting typo on package prepare phaseLuigi Guevara
2018-09-25Updating latest version pomello 0.10.0Luigi Guevara
2018-09-04src latest should be updated tooLuigi Guevara
2018-09-04SRCinfo updatedLuigi Guevara
2018-09-04Updating url upstream projectLuigi Guevara
2018-09-04Updating url, thanks to: kaymmmLuigi Guevara
2018-02-24Upgrading version 0.9.4Luigi Guevara
2016-08-29Fixing bin folderLuigi Guevara
2016-08-29Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Guevara
2016-08-29md5sum wrongLuigi Guevara
2016-08-29md5sum wrongLuigi Guevara
2016-08-29md5sum wrongLuigi Guevara
2016-08-29Updating the filename pomelloLuigi Guevara
2016-08-29Pomello to Arch LinuxLuigi Guevara