AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-07fix some problems and fit in with the current Arch wiki guidelinesErikWallstrom
2019-10-21removed shell theme as optional dependencyErikWallstrom
2019-10-19small fixErikWallstrom
2019-10-18updated to new build systemErikWallstrom
2019-04-15Updated path and versionErik Wallstrom
2018-06-16FixedErik Wallstrom
2018-05-07UpdateErik Wallstrom
2018-05-07UpdateErik Wallstrom
2018-05-07Updated to 3.0.0Erik Wallstrom
2017-08-04Fixed dependency issueErik Wallström
2017-08-04Updated to the new version of PopErik Wallström
2017-07-23Fixed pkgversionErik Wallström
2017-05-10Added pop-icon-theme-git as optional dependencyErik Wallström
2017-05-07Initial commitErik Wallström