AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysupgpkg: popcorntime-bin 0.5.1-2Yigit Sever
9 daysupgpkg: popcorntime-bin 0.5.1-1Yigit Sever
2024-02-11popcorntime-bin: Update to 0.5.0-1Yigit Sever
2022-09-04Update to v0.4.9Yigit Sever
2022-07-16Upstream released 0.4.8 againYigit Sever
2022-07-16Upstream released 0.4.8 againYigit Sever
2022-07-15Update to v0.4.8Yigit Sever
2022-03-02Update to v0.4.7Yigit Sever
2021-10-11Update to v0.4.6Yigit Sever
2021-05-180.4.5 updatebarfin
2021-04-27update upstream URL and source location againStephan Springer
2021-04-09Download from since upstream has abandoned.Stephan Springer
2021-02-28remove dependency gtk2Stephan Springer
2020-05-22install libs in /usr/share/popcorntime/lib instead of /usr/lib/popcorntimeStephan Springer
2020-05-22amend .gitignoreStephan Springer
2020-05-10switch source URL back to get.popcorntime.appStephan Springer
2020-04-14update to version 0.4.4Stephan Springer
2020-04-03update to version 0.4.3 and download from GithubStephan Springer
2020-03-30clean up dependenciesStephan Springer
2020-03-26update to version 0.4.1Stephan Springer
2020-03-10update URLStephan Springer
2020-03-10add .gitignoreStephan Springer
2020-01-06add gconf and gtk2 to dependencies againStephan Springer
2020-01-05remove dependencies to gconf and gtk2Stephan Springer
2019-01-29remove nodejs dependencyKostis Karantias
2018-12-24add missing dependenciesKostis Karantias
2018-12-24rename packageKostis Karantias
2018-12-19really update srcinfoKostis Karantias
2018-12-19fix descriptionKostis Karantias
2018-12-19switch to stable versionKostis Karantias
2018-12-19move library files to /usr/libKostis Karantias
2018-12-19update srcinfoKostis Karantias
2018-12-19update dependenciesKostis Karantias
2018-12-16throw away 32bit versionKostis Karantias
2018-12-16Make this explicitly a CI buildKostis Karantias
2018-03-24Remove checksums for downloaded binaries since we are using CI buildsBastien Traverse
2018-02-05Switch to CI builds to get fresher versions & fix permissionsBastien Traverse
2016-11-08Version 0.3.10Pieter Goetschalckx
2016-08-10Remove .install file (handled by package hooks)Pieter Goetschalckx
2016-04-06Bump pkgrelPieter Goetschalckx
2016-03-02Disable checksumsPieter Goetschalckx
2016-02-28mksrcinfoPieter Goetschalckx
2016-02-26Update sources and sha256sumsPieter Goetschalckx
2016-02-25Update sha256sumsPieter Goetschalckx
2016-02-24Update sha256sumsPieter Goetschalckx
2016-02-20Update sha256sumsPieter Goetschalckx
2016-02-19Update for new releasePieter Goetschalckx
2015-10-31Update to Fixing the URLricardofunke
2015-10-31Update to Trying another URL as the previous don't get the upstrea...ricardofunke
2015-10-31Update to Changing source to a cache sitericardofunke