AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-13Add patch for libxml2 2.12Jake Barnes
2023-11-11Release 12.17Jake Barnes
2022-11-11Release 12.13Malstrond
2022-11-04Fix checksumsJake Barnes
2022-11-01Upstream has integrated the Perl 5.36 patch in Release 12.12, removing itMalstrond
2022-11-01Release 12.12Malstrond
2022-06-12Fix perl 5.36Jake Barnes
2022-05-13Release 12.11Malstrond
2022-05-07Rebuild icuJake Barnes
2022-03-23Release 12.10Malstrond
2022-01-30Release 12.9Jake Barnes
2021-11-26Rebuild icuJake Barnes
2021-11-20RebuildJake Barnes
2021-10-24Release 12.8Jake Barnes
2021-06-19Depend on exact libs versionJake Barnes
2021-05-15Release 12.7Jake Barnes
2021-04-20icu 69.1 rebuildJake Barnes
2021-02-15Release 12.6Jake Barnes
2021-01-12Fix build with ICU 68 (patch from FreeBSD)Jake Barnes
2021-01-12Initial commit with last official package filesJake Barnes