AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-25upgpkg: 11.19Ariel Popper
2022-11-13upgpkg: 11.18Ariel Popper
2022-08-20upgpkg: 11.17Ariel Popper
2022-05-12upgpkg: 11.16Ariel Popper
2022-05-12Revert "upgpkg: 11.1"Ariel Popper
2022-05-12upgpkg: 11.1Ariel Popper
2022-05-12Goodbye, Python 2.x!Ariel Popper
2022-05-12Pick up some new tricks from the official package.Ariel Popper
2022-05-12git: ignore log filesAriel Popper
2022-02-20upgpkg: 11.15Ariel Popper
2021-11-11upgpkg: 11.14Ariel Popper
2021-08-15upgpkg: 11.13Ariel Popper
2021-05-13upgpkg: 11.12Ariel Popper
2021-02-11upgpkg: 11.11Ariel Popper
2021-02-11Revert "Fix a build issue introduced with ICU 68."Ariel Popper
2021-02-11Revert "It seems I f'd up the sha256sum for the new file. Sorry!"Ariel Popper
2020-12-31It seems I f'd up the sha256sum for the new file. Sorry!Ariel Popper
2020-12-27Fix a build issue introduced with ICU 68.Ariel Popper
2020-11-14Supress command echoing from GNU make(1)Ariel Popper
2020-11-12upgpkg: 11.10Ariel Popper
2020-08-13upgpkg: 11.9Ariel Popper
2020-05-15upgpkg: 11.8Ariel Popper
2020-03-07Major update to PostgreSQL 11. Dump/restore or pg_upgrade needed.Ariel Popper
2020-02-16New upstream release: 9.4.26Ariel Popper
2019-11-14New upstream release: 9.4.25Ariel Popper
2019-08-08New upstream release: 9.4.24Ariel Popper
2019-06-20New upstream release: 9.4.23Ariel Popper
2019-05-09New upstream release: 9.4.22Ariel Popper
2019-02-14New upstream release: 9.4.21Ariel Popper
2018-11-08verbump: 9.4.20Ariel Popper
2018-08-11verbump: 9.4.19Ariel Popper
2018-05-10verbump: 9.4.18Ariel Popper
2018-04-09verbump: 9.4.17Ariel Popper
2018-02-08verbump: 9.4.16Ariel Popper
2017-12-01verbump: 9.4.15Ariel Popper
2017-08-31verbump: 9.4.14Ariel Popper
2017-08-11verbump: 9.4.13Ariel Popper
2017-05-12remove OpenSSL 1.0 build configAriel Popper
2017-05-12upgpkg: 9.4.12Ariel Popper
2017-04-28Build with OpenSSL 1.0 for now.Ariel Popper
2017-03-06whoops!!Ariel Popper
2017-03-06uppkg: 9.4.11Ariel Popper
2016-10-28upver: 9.4.10; Forgot .SRCINFO. Doh!Ariel Popper
2016-10-28upver: 9.4.10Ariel Popper
2016-05-07upver; 9.4.7Ariel Popper
2016-02-149.4.6Ariel Popper