AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysNew Version: 7.36.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-11-11Revert back to 7.34.0. due to auth bug in 7.35.0 - seeJay Ta'ala
2020-11-04New Version: 7.35.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-10-09New Version: 7.34.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-09-24New Version: 7.33.1Jay Ta'ala
2020-09-09New Version: 7.32.0.Jay Ta'ala
2020-08-28New Version: 7.31.1.Jay Ta'ala
2020-08-13New Version: 7.30.1Jay Ta'ala
2020-08-11New Version: 7.30.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-07-28New Version: 7.29.1Jay Ta'ala
2020-07-24New Version: 7.29.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-07-15Added option !stip to improve packaging time.Jay Ta'ala
2020-07-14New Version: 7.28.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-06-29New Version: 7.27.1Jay Ta'ala
2020-06-24New Version: 7.27.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-06-19New Version: 7.26.1Jay Ta'ala
2020-06-09New Version: 7.26.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-06-08New Version: 7.25.3.Jay Ta'ala
2020-06-04New Version: 7.25.2.Jay Ta'ala
2020-05-30New Version: 7.25.1.Jay Ta'ala
2020-05-23New Version: 7.25.0.Jay Ta'ala
2020-05-14New Version: 7.24.0.Jay Ta'ala
2020-04-24New Version: 7.23.0.Jay Ta'ala
2020-04-09New Version: 7.22.1.Jay Ta'ala
2020-04-05New Version: 7.21.2.Jay Ta'ala
2020-03-25New Version: 7.21.1.Jay Ta'ala
2020-03-24New Version: 7.21.0.Jay Ta'ala
2020-03-17New Version: 7.20.1.Jay Ta'ala
2020-03-12New Version: 7.20.0.Jay Ta'ala
2020-03-05New Version: 7.19.1.Jay Ta'ala
2020-02-22New Version: 7.18.1.Jay Ta'ala
2020-02-11New Version: 7.18.0. Switched checksum to sha256.Jay Ta'ala
2020-02-02New Version: 7.17.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-01-27New Version: 7.16.1Jay Ta'ala
2020-01-17New version: 7.16.0Jay Ta'ala
2020-01-10New version: 7.15.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-12-18New version: 7.14.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-12-09Corrected pkgrel.Jay Ta'ala
2019-12-09New version: 7.13.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-11-21Cleaned up deps (thanks to wooque). Tested in clean chroot.Jay Ta'ala
2019-11-21Confirmed with clean chroot build that gconf and gtk2 dependencies are not ne...Jay Ta'ala
2019-11-21New version: 7.12.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-11-09New version: 7.11.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-10-26New version: 7.10.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-10-11New version: 7.9.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-10-11New version: 7.8.0Claudio d'Angelis
2019-10-11Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// d'Angelis
2019-10-11New version: 7.9.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-09-27Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// d'Angelis
2019-09-27fix conflictClaudio d'Angelis