AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-24move into build(), use PowerShell-Native for testingKyle Sferrazza
2018-12-07patch is no longer a dependencyKyle Sferrazza
2018-12-07delete global.json so dotnet version doesn't de-syncKyle Sferrazza
2018-11-16dotnet-version.patchKyle Sferrazza
2018-11-05use underscore for nonstandard PKGBUILD variableKyle Sferrazza
2018-11-05remove libpsl-nativeKyle Sferrazza
2018-09-25v6.1.0Kyle Sferrazza
2018-03-19terminfo fixKyle Sferrazza
2018-02-05version patch is no longer necessaryKyle Sferrazza
2018-01-11Permissions and license fixedKyle Sferrazza
2018-01-10dotnet SDK 2.0 is now in communityKyle Sferrazza
2017-12-18RC2 fixesKyle Sferrazza
2017-11-206.0.0rc verified workingKyle Sferrazza
2017-10-26fix /etc/shells entry for new binary nameKyle Sferrazza
2017-10-23Renamed binaryKyle Sferrazza
2017-10-06beta 8 fixesKyle Sferrazza
2017-09-15beta 7 no longer comes with build.shKyle Sferrazza
2017-08-21proper conflictsKyle Sferrazza
2017-08-21bump verKyle Sferrazza
2017-08-21now properly builds powershell without the git version of dotnet, and adds po...Kyle Sferrazza
2017-06-06conflictsKyle Sferrazza
2017-06-06description differentiationKyle Sferrazza
2017-05-25bash is in baseKyle Sferrazza
2017-05-25Updated to use dotnet 2.0 successfullyKyle Sferrazza
2017-05-17dependsKyle Sferrazza
2017-05-15link location and permissionsKyle Sferrazza
2017-05-15link location and permissionsKyle Sferrazza
2017-05-15prepare for dotnet 2Kyle Sferrazza
2017-03-16Gitignore updatesKyle Sferrazza
2017-03-01Let users be choosersKyle Sferrazza
2017-02-26fix conflicts, makedependsKyle Sferrazza
2017-01-24Change dep dotnet-cli -> dotnetJonathan Steel
2016-12-20Remove unused revert-commit-c695d41.patchJonathan Steel
2016-12-206.0.0.alpha.14.7Jonathan Steel
2016-11-26Work around proot issue Steel
2016-09-28Follow the AUR git submodule guidelinesSergio Correia
2016-09-28Use https instead of git protocolSergio Correia
2016-09-28Do not touch user's homeSergio Correia
2016-09-05Revert c695d41 conditionally, depending on dotnet-cli versionSergio Correia
2016-08-30Add verbose flag during dotnet buildSergio Correia
2016-08-30Do not try to publish if build did not suceeedSergio Correia
2016-08-26Pass LANG=en_US.UTF-8 to make testSergio Correia
2016-08-25Remove i686 as supported architectureSergio Correia
2016-08-24Do not build while publishingSergio Correia
2016-08-21Initial commitSergio Correia