AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-03Update .SRCINFOSam van Kampen
2019-09-03Update to 6.1.03Sam van Kampen
2019-05-03Update to 6.0.52mrxx
2019-04-30Update to 6.0.51mrxx
2019-04-01Update to 6.0.50mrxx
2019-03-03Update to 6.0.49mrxx
2019-02-18Update to 6.0.48mrxx
2019-02-09Update to 6.0.47mrxx
2019-01-05Add jack as dependencymrxx
2019-01-04Update to 6.0.46mrxx
2019-01-02Update to 6.0.45; add .desktop file, icons and manpagemrxx
2018-10-26Add libpulse dependencyCharlotte Van Petegem
2018-09-08Update to 6.0.43Charlotte Van Petegem
2018-08-21Update to 6.0.42Charlotte Van Petegem
2018-08-12Update to 6.0.41Charlotte Van Petegem
2018-08-08Update .SRCINFOCharlotte Van Petegem
2018-08-08Update to 6.0.40Charlotte Van Petegem
2015-11-13update to 6.0.05John K Pate
2015-11-02makedepends no longer needed for pre-built binariesJohn K Pate
2015-11-02update to 6.0.04, and use pre-built binaries since audio issues have been res...John K Pate
2015-09-06update to 5.4.17-1John K Pate
2015-08-11update to 5.4.15-1John K Pate
2015-07-09update to 5.4.11John K Pate
2015-07-02Initial import to AUR4John K Pate