AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-21Updated to 2.6.1umAlex Brinister
2021-06-12Added conflict with prboom-plus-um; moved some deps to optionalAlex Brinister
2021-06-12Updated to 2.6umAlex Brinister
2020-09-06Adding source infoAlex Brinister
2020-09-06Applied patch to fix mkstemp and link issuesAlex Brinister
2018-04-19Removes --disable-dogs configure flagKingan
2018-04-19Changes checksum to SHA1Kingan
2018-04-19Drops dumb from dependenciesKingan
2016-07-23Style changesIvy Foster
2016-01-18new upstream releaseFrederic Bezies
2015-08-01Initial importValsu