AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-25Bump to 2.0.1Eric Anderson
2023-03-18Bump to 2.0.0Eric Anderson
2022-05-07Backport fix for Python 3.10Eric Anderson
2022-04-30Merge branch '2.x'Eric Anderson
2021-05-22Bump to 2.0.0rc8Eric Anderson
2020-09-06Bump to 2.0.0rc7Eric Anderson
2020-02-23Add missing appdirs dependencyEric Anderson
2019-01-07Add hard dependency on python2-numpyEric Anderson
2019-01-07Bump to 2.0.0rc5Eric Anderson
2018-03-09Swap from pyglet to python2-pygletEric Anderson
2017-11-18Update to 1.6.0Eric Anderson
2015-06-20Initial importEric Anderson