AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-23Update to 1.3.7dMiguel Revilla
2021-09-09Update to 1.3.7cMiguel Revilla
2021-06-18Update to 1.3.7bMiguel Revilla
2021-03-04Updated to 1.3.7a-3. Removed CFLAGS from the make line.Miguel Revilla
2020-12-14Included mod_digest per user's requestMiguel Revilla
2020-07-28Update to 1.3.7aMiguel Revilla
2020-06-20Update to 1.3.6dMiguel Revilla
2020-05-04Update to 1.3.6cMiguel Revilla
2019-11-29Update to 1.3.6bMiguel Revilla
2019-10-15Updated epochMiguel Revilla
2019-10-13Update to 1.3.6a-1Miguel Revilla
2019-01-21Added mod_dynmasqMiguel Revilla
2019-01-21Applied facl patched from version-to-be 1.3.7 and enabled mod_faclMiguel Revilla
2019-01-21Changed libmariadbclient for mariadb-libs in dependencies and release bump fo...Miguel Revilla
2017-04-18Added mod_sftp and bumped to 1.3.6-2Miguel Revilla
2017-04-11Update to 1.3.6-1Miguel Revilla
2017-01-17Removed .install file as it is not needed anymoreMiguel Revilla
2017-01-16Update to 1.3.5dMiguel Revilla
2016-03-11Updated to 1.3.5bMiguel Revilla
2015-07-18Updated to 1.3.5aMiguel Revilla
2015-07-02Initial importMiguel Revilla