AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-05clone submodules (thanks milesdm!)Lukas Sabota
2023-02-10add classic presets optdependLukas Sabota
2023-02-10add optdependsLukas Sabota
2023-02-10update to latestLukas Sabota
2022-04-06fix build prefixLukas Sabota
2022-04-05fix shared buildLukas Sabota
2022-03-21update license locationLukas Sabota
2021-12-27use Relase build type for more reproducable buildsLukas Sabota
2021-09-14use cmake for builds (thanks feral_hedgehog!)Lukas Sabota
2020-02-26update .SRCINFOLukas Sabota
2020-02-26add projectm-{sdl,pulseaudio} to provides/conflictsLukas Sabota
2018-09-04drop all packages but projectM library; use autotoolsLukas Sabota
2017-09-22add jack supportLukas Sabota
2017-09-22update descripionsLukas Sabota
2017-09-22initial commitLukas Sabota