AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-19updated to 4.11-11JoshH100
2019-12-13update to 4.11.10JoshH100
2019-12-02updated to 4.11.9JoshH100
2019-11-18fixed some issues, removed dependencies based on namcaps reportJoshH100
2019-11-17fixed submodules sync syntaxJoshH100
2019-11-14updated to 4.11-8JoshH100
2019-10-21updated to 4.11-7JoshH100
2019-10-03updated to use generic wine-valve dependency & updated source versionJoshH100
2019-09-184.11-3 updateJoshH100
2019-08-20updated to 4.11-2JoshH100
2019-05-29updated to 4.2.5 despite little evidence this package has utility in it's cur...hoffer.joshua
2019-03-27updated to 4.2-1hoffer.joshua
2019-03-11updated to 3.16.8hoffer.joshua
2019-03-06updated to 3.16.7hoffer.joshua
2018-11-15Fix vrclient being installed to the wrong locationSean Anderson
2018-11-13Depend on -git versions where there is no non-git packageSean Anderson
2018-11-11Build vrclientSean Anderson
2018-11-10Update to 3.16 betaSean Anderson
2018-08-26Add a separate _pkgver variable for upstream versionSean Anderson
2018-08-24Update to 2018-08-23Sean Anderson
2018-08-21Initial commitSean Anderson