AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysUpdate to 4.3.3Ali Molaei
2024-05-24Update to 4.3.2, removed session dep as its archivedAli Molaei
2024-05-07Cleaning and versions.yml copied by mistake by setup.pyAli Molaei
2024-05-06Update to 4.3.1, remove .desktop patch as it's fixed upstreamAli Molaei
2024-04-30Don't use checksum for git as pamac seems to have problems with itAli Molaei
2024-04-28Remove patch as build-dep as its part of base-devel, add checksums and fix fo...Ali Molaei
2024-04-16Add patch to makedepsAli Molaei
2024-04-15Add python-sentry_sdk as a depAli Molaei
2024-04-15Update to 4.3.0Ali Molaei
2024-03-08Use tags instead of commits, Update to 4.2.0Ali Molaei
2024-02-07Update to 4.1.10Ali Molaei
2024-01-26Update to 4.1.8Ali Molaei
2023-12-09Add python-packageing as a dependencyAli Molaei
2023-12-09Update to 4.1.3Ali Molaei
2023-11-15Add patchAli Molaei
2023-11-15Fix StartupWMClassAli Molaei
2023-11-07Use commit instead of tag for nowAli Molaei
2023-11-07Remove python-psutil from dependenciesAli Molaei
2023-11-03Add some dependenciesAli Molaei
2023-11-03Add maintained by community to description as suggested here: ' Molaei
2023-11-02Add dbus-python to dependencies and sort themAli Molaei
2023-11-02Add 'aiohttp' to the dependenciesAli Molaei
2023-11-01Add python-proton-vpn-killswitch to dependenciesAli Molaei
2023-11-01Update SRCINFOAli Molaei
2023-11-01Update SRCINFOAli Molaei
2023-11-01Update SRCINFOAli Molaei
2023-11-01Initial commitAli Molaei