AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-15Update to 1.8.12Ali Molaei
2021-11-02Fix The unauthenticated git protocol, ↵Ali Molaei
2021-10-31Update to 1.8.10-go.sum-fixedAli Molaei
2021-09-15Update to 1.8.9Ali Molaei
2021-06-30Update to 1.8.7Ali Molaei
2021-05-29Update to 1.8.3Ali Molaei
2021-05-22Add gopath to path in buildAli Molaei
2021-05-21Update to 1.8.1Ali Molaei
2021-04-01Update to 1.6.9Ali Molaei
2021-03-05Update to 1.6.6-c0a8877018f5Ali Molaei
2021-02-17Update to 1.6.3Ali Molaei
2021-01-25Update to 1.5.7Ali Molaei
2021-01-24Update to 1.5.6Ali Molaei
2021-01-02Comment Variables ↵Ali Molaei
due to the issues it coused
2021-01-02Fix "undefined symbol: _ZdlPvm, version Qt_5" problemAli Molaei
2021-01-01Add GOPATH/bin to PATHAli Molaei
2021-01-01Update optional deps description, Add some env variables due to ↵Ali Molaei
2020-12-18Update to 1.5.4Ali Molaei
2020-11-26Update to 1.5.2Ali Molaei
2020-11-09Update to 1.5.0Ali Molaei
2020-10-23Update to 1.4.5Ali Molaei
2020-08-14Use git for this version to fix wrong version problemAli Molaei
2020-08-13Update to 1.3.3Ali Molaei
2020-05-25Update to 1.2.7Ali Molaei
2020-04-17Replace bash script with linkAli Molaei
2020-04-16Build from source. Change LicenseAli Molaei
2020-04-16Build from source. Change LicenseAli Molaei
2020-03-31Update to 1.2.6Ali Molaei
2020-03-29Update to 1.2.5Ali Molaei
2019-11-07Update package to 1.2.3Lenovsky
2019-09-06Update package to 1.2.2Lenovsky
2019-09-05Update package to 1.2.1Lenovsky
2019-09-02Update package to 1.2.0Lenovsky
2019-07-10Update package to 1.1.6Lenovsky
2019-05-23Update package to 1.1.5Lenovsky
2019-04-10Update package to 1.1.4Lenovsky
2019-03-06Update package to 1.1.3Lenovsky
2019-02-16Update package to 1.1.1Lenovsky
2018-10-25protonmail-bridge Wiedijk
2018-08-23protonmail-bridge- Wiedijk
2018-08-10protonmail-bridge Wiedijk
ProtonMail does not ship an icon for the desktop file anymore, the tray icon is still included.
2018-08-10Move extraction/patching to prepare()Emiel Wiedijk
According to the PKGBUILD documantation, this should happen in prepare() instead of in package(). Additionally, this allows us to automatically get the permissions right in "$pkgdir" without hacks.
2018-07-12protonmail-bridge - update to Wiedijk
2018-05-17protonmail-bridge - update to Wiedijk
2018-03-29protonmail-bridge - update to Wiedijk
2018-03-13protonmail-bridge - updpkg Wiedijk
2018-03-10protonmail-bridge - bump pkgrelEmiel Wiedijk
2018-03-10protonmail-bridge - add qt5-multimedia dependencyEmiel Wiedijk
Namcap complains that qt5-multimedia is a mising dependency, so add it to the package.
2018-03-10protonmail-bridge - add gnome-keyring dependencyEmiel Wiedijk
Apparantly the ProtonMail bridge also has a dependency on gnome-keyring. If gnome-keyring is not installed, it would not be possible to add an account. It may be possible that other services inplementing the org.freedesktop.secrets specification/gnome-keyring apis would also work, but I couldn't find another package inplementing this specification in the official repositories Arch Linux, and gnome-keyring does not provide a virtual package to depend on. Because gnome-keyring has (implicit) dependencies on gst-plugins-base-libs, gtk3 and libpulse, we also remove those dependencies.
2018-03-02protonmail-bridge - initial releaseEmiel Wiedijk