AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-04trigger reinstall after python upgradepiotr
2021-12-13update to 1.2piotr
2019-11-29launcher shell script removedpiotr
2019-11-29update to 1.1piotr
2019-11-29Packaging altered in preparation to updatepiotr
2018-12-10code clearancepiotr
2018-11-24Trailing .0 removed from temperature; sample configs added.piotr
2018-11-19i component removed; see the project sitepiotr
2018-11-19(i) component for Wi-Fi name; -M<string> argument for custom component namepiotr
2018-11-18(k) component for networ(k) trafficpiotr
2018-11-16-W<number> argument to select n-th element from multiple outputpiotr
2018-11-15Missing ℉ sign restored. Missing help line added.piotr
2018-11-15support for icons (1 per executor) with -I<component> argumentpiotr
2018-11-13-S<string> argument for custom separatorspiotr
2018-11-11~ removed from output; -Cx for swap usage as %piotr
2018-11-10-Cc | -CC for used/free memory percentage; -S<number> for number of separatin...piotr
2018-11-09initial commitpiotr