AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-18version update to 1.105.0jonian
2023-04-16version update to 1.104.0jonian
2023-03-16version update to 1.103.0jonian
2023-02-16version update to 1.102.0jonian
2023-01-16version update to 1.101.0-betajonian
2022-12-24fix missing iconjonian
2022-12-22version update to 1.100.0-betajonian
2022-12-14version update to 2022121407jonian
2022-12-08version update to 2022120804jonian
2022-11-29version update to 2022112808jonian
2022-11-16version update to 2022111606jonian
2022-11-15version update to 2022111519jonian
2022-11-13version update to 2022111319jonian
2022-11-13optimize bug fixesjonian
2022-11-13fix featured packages not loadingjonian
2022-11-12fix core packages not loading in settings viewjonian
2022-11-11version update to 2022111116jonian
2022-11-09bump version to 2022110914jonian
2022-11-09cleanup unneeded files, reduces package sizejonian
2022-11-07use latest build from master, fix github packagejonian
2022-11-07run in background when opening from terminaljonian
2022-11-07initial commitjonian